Subtitling services

Professional translation and transcription
  • Experienced and professional translators and transcribers in all languages
  • Obligated to the highest standards - we will not compromise on the quality of translations
  • Wide experience in subtitle production for reality shows, TV series and programs, movies, documentaries and corporate videos

Online subtitles management

View, correct and edit subtitles in real time and with frame accuracy
  • A unique product
  • Watch a film complete with subtitles, online
  • Complete control of the editing process - changes, additions, deletion and subtitle timing
  • Complete control of caption design including font size and text positioning
  • Frame accurate subtitle editing


Subtitle files for professional editing and broadcasting systems
  • A unique solution
  • Subtitles for AVID editing systems
  • Subtitles for Final Cut editing systems
  • Alter subtitles with your editing system (edit alongside the film, change content and timing)
  • Produce translation files for professional broadcasting systems
  • Support for all broadcast systems and all resolutions, including HD
  • Subtitle files are compatible with your editing system - no need to install a separate program

Why us?

The advantages of our online subtitles service
  • Subtitle files suitable for professional editing and broadcasting systems
  • Watch, change and edit subtitles in real time and with frame accuracy
  • Save money - no need for videotapes or courier services
  • Reduced response times
  • Retain film quality - no quality degeneration when burning subtitles
  • Allow production associates to view and proofread while retaining full control
  • Easy cooperation and information sharing with all parties involved in the process
  • Professional translation into any language
  • Secure online storage
  • Anytime, anywhere and at no extra cost